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Planning Applications

One of the main areas of work we undertake is the preparation, submission and management of planning applications and pre-application enquiries.  We also advise on, and negotiate the detail contained in, Section 106 Agreements and Unilateral Undertakings (which may be required in order to make a development acceptable).

Planning applications have become highly technical in recent years and we are experienced in commissioning and managing teams of specialist consultants to deal with matters such as heritage, archaeology, ecology, trees, highways, flood risk etc on behalf of clients.

We can also oversee the commissioning of Environmental Impact Assessments where required, typically to support larger-scale development proposals.

There are a range of application types.  The key types we deal with include Prior Approval, Lawful Development Certificate, Full, Outline and Reserved Matters Planning, Prior Notification, Section 17 Certificate, Listed Building, Section 73 and Advertisement applications.  We can advise on the appropriate type of application to suit your specific circumstances.