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Residential Development

Clear Advice for your Development Proposals

At Bluestone Planning LLP, we’re happy to advise on all aspects of residential development from a single new or replacement dwelling, up to mixed use urban extensions / strategic development areas.

Our staff can provide advice to individuals looking to undertake a self-build project or to house builders and developers of any scale.

We have an experienced team of planners to assist with a range of developments:

  • Replacement dwellings / New self-build properties / New infill development

  • Small to medium scale sites (up to 100 units)

  • Large scale / strategic sites (over 100 units)

  • Brownfield / redevelopment

  • Class Q / agricultural conversion / other permitted development conversions

  • Agricultural / rural worker dwellings

  • Rural exception sites

  • Affordable Housing (Discount market housing / First Homes / Starter Homes / Shared Ownership)

We promote sites through the Development Plan process and have an excellent track record of bringing major development sites forward for our clients.

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