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Land Promotion and Appraisals

Land Promotion

There are many choices available to landowners today, and often more than one will be appropriate, depending upon the degree to which they want to be exposed to risk, the complexity of the issues and the timescales involved.

Whatever your requirement, we can provide direct professional advice, or put you in touch with third party agents, developers, promoters and house builders to help realise the potential of your site.

If you are looking for professional planning advice, it is worth remembering that within the planning system there are also different routes to achieving success.  

The solution might entail utilising permitted development rights, seeking a lawful development certificate, making a planning application or promoting the proposal through the development plan process – or a combination of several of these options.

Planning Appraisals

In the early stages of the planning process you may wish to understand what the key strategic or local planning issues will be with a particular site or in a particular administrative area.

We provide bespoke or template-based appraisals depending upon the client’s requirements.  These will look at a number of issues including the planning policies prevailing in the area, planning history, environmental and heritage constraints, highways and traffic matters and the interaction of these factors with specific sites or areas.

We will also comment on the potential impact on viability of anticipated Section 106 Agreement and Community Infrastructure Levy requirements.

Where appropriate we will identify opportunities for clients to promote their site or make representations on Development Plan documents to maximise the opportunities available to them in a given locality or with a specific site.

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