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Planning Appeals

Should you Appeal?

Applicants have the right to appeal a decision of the planning authority to refuse planning permission, or to appeal the failure of the planning authority to take a decision on an application within the statutory timeframe.  Furthermore, applicants may appeal against the imposition of specific planning conditions on a permission.

An appeal may not always be the best option and we would advise you as to the most appropriate action to take. 

Appeals may be heard by three procedures: written representations; informal hearing; and public inquiry.

The ultimate choice about which procedure will be followed is made by the Planning Inspectorate, following consultation with the planning authority and appellant. The Inspectorate manage the appeal process and appoint an Inspector to hear the appeal and write the decision.

We are experienced in managing all types of planning appeals from small written representations appeals to large scale multi-witness public inquiries involving the instruction of Counsel.

Please contact us if you are considering appealing a decision or are looking for advice about an existing appeal.

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