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Enforcement Matters

How we can assist you

Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are mainly alerted about alleged breaches of planning control through complaints by local residents or other interested parties. Being contacted by the planning enforcement team can be daunting, however with our expertise in the field we will be able to provide professional advice on the issue at hand.

LPAs have a discretionary power to enforce planning control.  This is because enforcement action has to be expedient in the public interest. 

We can represent you throughout the process, work closely with the Local Authority to discuss the expediency of the alleged breach of planning control, and engage in communication to ensure the best result.

We provide advice in relation to a range of enforcement matters including:

Pre-action letters; Planning Contravention Notices; Enforcement Notices, Stop Notices; Breach of Condition Notices, Injunctions; Lawful Development Certificates; Enforcement Appeals and Retrospective Applications to name but a few.

Planning Enforcement Notices are time critical and therefore if you have received an Enforcement Notice, making contact with us as soon as possible will be beneficial. We will be able to advise on its legitimacy, your rights of appeal, and how we will be able to support you by acting as your agent throughout.

It is important to take early action in all cases and we are able to advise and, where appropriate, engage specialist advice from a barrister or planning solicitor.

Should you have any query in relation to planning enforcement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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