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Urban Design, Coding, Masterplanning and Plan Drawing

We have a comprehensive range of design services

Our specialist team of qualified urban designers can assist with the design of individual, small and large scale projects.


We undertake initial feasibility layouts (to inform development potential / land values), detailed layouts and full scale masterplanning. 


We produce:

  • Character appraisals

  • Design guides and

  • Design Codes

These can be for individual sites, for Neighbourhood Plans, Parish Plans, Village Design Statements or for Local Authorities on a larger scale. Please see below for some of our examples.

Character Appraisals

Ashbury Parish Character Appraisal

Wellow Parish Character Appraisal

Sutton Benger Parish Character Appraisal

Steventon Parish Character Appraisal

Design Guide

Shiplake Parish

Kidmore End Parish

Design Code

Noak Bridge Parish

Sutton Benger Parish

Wellow Parish

Over Wallop Parish

We can provide a range of plan drawing options including drawings for planning applications, 3D modelling and hand drawn / computer rendered images as required.

Please get in touch with us for further details.

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